About Me

Hello! My name is David Earle. Apparently you want to know something about me. Have a seat, relax for a little bit. Don't worry: I won't bite.

I'm a 28-year-old writer living in Annapolis, Maryland. I am not a professional writer, because I don't make any money at it and I don't file my taxes appropriately. I would like to change this at some point.

My day job involves writing in mathematics and higher-order machine languages, and swearing at servers until they work again. I am skilled with Perl and Java, and know a fair bit about Unix and Linux systems. I am also a CISSP (current) and a CNDA (slightly out of date).

I've been married to my wife, Sarah, since 2007, and owned a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Lina, since 2008. They both support, or at least tolerate, my writing habit to various degrees; so far Sarah hasn't dropped a knotted rope at my feet and barked at me while I'm writing.

I enjoy reading, playing video games, and occasionally bowling. I also like to fish when I can get down to a creek in West Virginia.

What else? I'm tall, and heavy around the gut. I dislocated both of my knees tripping over a handicapped ramp a few years ago, and they still bother me. I drink too much caffeine, mumble, and grind my teeth - which are related problems.

Do you have a pretty good picture of me now? Okay then. I hope you enjoy the blog. I try to focus on writing here, but you'll find a fair bit of free-form posts as well. Take a look around, and I hope you'll stop back here regularly.

Best regards,