Monday, March 8, 2010

Tales of the Sick Wife

Presented without comment:

Fever is what I've got. I'm scalding to the touch and instead of taking the DayQuil, I took this Tylenol Severe Head Congestion thing. That was supposed to be non-drowsy, but I'm pretty sure I just lost 25 minutes sleeping. I feel absolutely miserable, which is just great. absolutely great. I really should have just stayed home today. I will be staying home tomorrow though if I'm worse. And I really hope that I'm not. Because this just sucks. :-(

Sorry to hear that. Not surprised, but sorry. :-( Not sure why you skipped the DayQuil for some unknown medication, but I hope one of them will help you. Give me a call if you get sent home - my major tasker for today is complete/in-progress, so if you hold out until say, noon I shouldn't have any trouble coming to get you. And yes if you still feel bad or worse tomorrow you do not get to go to work.

P.S. This is cute, but weird.

that was cute and weird. never would have thought of that myself.

i didn't notice a difference at all when i took the unknown ones. except i'm really really tired now. i just want to curl up and sleep. this just sucks. i'm really sorry that i thought i could do this. i don't think i'm going to be sent home. i'm feeling that weird dizzy drugged up feeling now. where my legs are like jelly and forming coherent sentences is hard. i've got this stack of reservations here to finish that normally i would have had banged out by now. but i keep getting distracted.

5:45 for sure at the metro, in the unlikely event i'm sent home early, i'll give you a call. i just want to nap now, but it's no where near time for naps.

oh snoogie. the continuing saga of the sick sari continues. .....wait....what? *sigh* i'm just going to leave that as i wrote it and let you see just how today is going.

i set a personal best for consecutive sneezes. 6. 6 painful, loud, rough sneezes in a row. i'm surprised i didn't dislodge any teeth. everyone has been telling me i need to go home. much work to do. i think i'm setting myself up for a burnout. i am 99.9% sure that i will be staying home tomorrow. because this cannot be allowed to continue on.

also, eating lunch was so hard. hard to chew and breathe at the same time. felt like food was either going to fall out of my mouth, or i was going to choke on it like screaming girl from middle school (tragic tale of screaming and sandwiches...)

now...i just want to be home. i just want to be cuddled up with you. and i just want to sleep. i haven't taken any medicine this afternoon. i'm debating if i should take a dayquil or not. i think i might want to. then nyquil a little early tonight. i was ok for 30 minutes last night. plenty of time to brush, floss, lysterine, and pee before bed. i hope. it wasn't until i laid down that my legs truly felt funny. i am certain now that i have a fever. i wonder how high it is. we have a thermometer right? we should use that to figure it out when i get home.

i like gnomes. just thought i would remind you of that. i don't know why. but i did.

This is so going on the blog later.

Barring the timely application of a panacea, Sarah will be staying home tomorrow.

And hopefully the dog will not disturb her too much.


Author's Log

Wrote about 500 words for an upcoming blog post, which seems to be taking on more length than I expected. This has nothing at all to do with Kaley Cuoco.

Current Reading

Just finished rereading N., a short story by Stephen King. It seems like every time King takes a stab at Lovecraft he comes back with gold, and this story is no exception. It's currently being adapted into a comic by Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev, and the first issue does a great job of maintaining the creepy. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE OCD.

I also just read a short story by Benjamin Rosenbaum in the latest Fantasy & Science Fiction. It's called "The Frog Comrade", and it's an amusing semi-Communist take on the Princess and the Frog fairy tale. No Disney here, just a very vocal frog and a few unexpected developments.

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