Sunday, October 24, 2010

One Rejection, Three New Submissions

Well, the novel submission has been considered and did not pass muster. It happens. The trick is not to get depressed about it, learn whatever lessons you can, and keep writing.

With that thought firmly in mind, I now have three short story submissions out and about, and I'm preparing for NaNoWriMo starting next month. I'm still trying to decide what to write (and that's a good sign), but come November 1st I'll be scrambling to get down 50,000 words of it in a month. I'll let you know how I do.

* * *

I've had a run of good movies lately. Tonight I finally watched Zombieland, via Netflix streaming. I have no idea how I missed this when it came out, but it's an amazingly funny, sometimes disgusting movie, featuring Woody Harrelson and the star of The Social Network.

Last weekend, I went to see RED (still in theaters), adapted from the twisted mind of Warren Ellis. It's a great little action flick, of the "old guys still kick ass" genre. Mr. Ellis has been blogging about the film for the past few weeks, so go see the movie, then check out the wordsmith's thoughts.

I rented the Kick-Ass DVD, also through Netflix. It is a good movie, but the graphic novel is much better. Go read, then see if you can dig up Hit-Girl's fight scenes on YouTube.

Smokin' Aces is an older movie, starring Jeremy Piven as a Las Vegas magician set to testify agains the Mob - which explains the six plus killers coming to kill him. I thought this would be a comedy going in, and it sort of is, but it's a very dark one. Worth checking out if you don't believe Ryan Reynolds can play Hal Jordan.

Do I have time for one more movie? Yes? The Pentagon Wars is a classic film of military waste, starring Kelsey Grammar (who really needs more military roles) and Cary Elwes as they duel over the fate of the overdue, overbudget, and completely ineffective Bradley tank. Based on a true story that will probably drive you up the wall.

* * *

Last but not least, the dog is now a YouTube star. Enjoy.

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