Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mea Culpa

Yesterday I posted a rant about how I couldn't get my Kindle eBook covers to display properly in the Kindle for Android app. Today I found out how to fix the problem. Oops.

The trick is simply this: Download the Send to Kindle application for your PC, then send each one of your problem MOBI files to the Kindle cloud. After that, you can download your books to your Android device and the covers will show up properly. This doesn't do anything for PDFs and your file has to have a cover in the first place, but it does do a brilliant job with Black Library's eBooks.

This is neither a quick nor easy fix (especially if you have over 150 eBooks, as I do), but it does work well, and it's an added layer of backup for my Kindle books.

So, Amazon: My apologies for flying off the handle. I'll be updating my application review shortly with a higher rating. But with that said, please make the cover display a little more robust? Not having a problem is still preferable to having a workaround for a problem.

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