Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Doctor Who Season 7 Wingnut Theory

The Doctor Who season seven trailer is out this week, and we're seeing a lot more of what's likely to occur this season. Check it out:

Awesome, but that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about a pet theory of mine on how the season's going to wrap up and set the stage for the Doctor's new companion. Rampant wittering (with full-blown spoilers for seasons five and six) begins after the jump.

Still here? Okay! Let's go.

There is a lot of talk going around that Amy Pond, the Doctor's companion, is likely to die this season. The production crew for the show is not helping by releasing images like this:

She's dead, Jim.
It's not looking good for Amy, really, at all. But what about her husband, Rory Williams? What will happen to the man who spent 2,000 years guarding his fiancee's effective tomb? What will happen to the man who's survived death time and again, mostly through the sheer power of love? What...

Hrm. Step back. Something's not quite right there.

Rory spent 2,000 years guarding the Pandorica. This is not something the human mind is equipped to deal with, at all. The show explained this through the Power of Love (and perhaps the fact that Rory was a robot at the time), but think about it. 2,000 years, unable to truly interact with other people (without risking a time paradox), unable to even look at the person you're caring for, unable to do much of anything, really.

It's something a human simply shouldn't be able to pull off. Something even a Time Lord would think twice about.

Rory dies. A lot. The first time out he got killed by a Silurian, and wiped out of existence into the bargain. He came back as a robot, then he got better through time completely resetting itself. Somehow he's now able to remember two timelines at this point, one of which is 2,000+ years long. Then he drowns, and a resuscitation attempt by Amy fails... until somehow it doesn't, and Rory is fine. Then he gets isolated by a possessed TARDIS, goes insane, dies of old age... and he's fine again because of timey-wimey.

At this rate, Rory's on track to survive so many certain deaths that he'd rival...


But no, there couldn't be any connection between Rory and him, could there? I mean, think about it:

Rory has a strong family life consisting of... no biological parents or relatives we've ever met. Okay, bad example.

Rory's a nurse, a perfectly normal job. Probably just a coincidence that a nurse is one step below a medical doctor, and an academic doctor is one step above... let's move on.

Rory's deeply in love with a woman who grew up in his neighborhood... sleeping next to a massive crack in spacetime. Nothing suspicious about that, right? Right?

Rory's a father! Absolutely natural! Except, yes, okay, he fathered a Time Lord. Under extenuating circumstances with a ridiculously small chance of doing what they did.

Well, okay. Maybe it's not entirely farfetched. So here's my theory: Rory is the Master, somehow escaped from Gallifrey through the Cracks in Time and hiding out as a human on Earth. Except once again, he's having trouble getting rid of his human persona.

But what happens if, this season, the woman Rory loves dies? And what happens if she dies in a way Rory can blame the Doctor on? It's not going to be a good day for Rory. It might be a worse day for the Doctor.

One last point: take a look at the end of that trailer, and really think about those last two lines of dialogue.

Rory: "Who killed all the Daleks?"
Doctor: "Who do you think?"

I don't think it was the Doctor.


Anonymous said...

Cool argument! I love the way you think! I'm not sure even Moffat could come up with a more exciting setup, this opens up soooo many story options!

David said...

Thanks for the compliment!