Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kontactr Sucks (for Gmail)

Hi all,

I've been using Kontactr for my blog's contact form. It was easy to set up, it looks nice, and it does send me email, but it usually comes in this format:

Hi my name is Bobn nlI'm contacting you to say I loved your post on fruit batsn nlI thought your tip to feed them pineapple from a fork was really insightfuln nlIf you could get in touch with me I'd like to discuss a projectn nl to genetically engineer super fruitbatmenn nlPlease respond post hasten nl Many thanks Bobn nl.

If you can read that more power to you. I'm not sure if it's Kontactr or Gmail that's giving me trouble, but if you have any suggestions for a better contact form solution please let me know. Comments preferred, because, well. :-)

Not much else to say. I've been listening to old episodes of Writing Excuses trying to jog something loose in my brain and speed up work on The Next Great Epic Fantasy Novel, Draft Two. I've also been playing around with a personal novel wiki, because I ran headfirst into a lack of worldbuilding in chapter three and decided Scrivener wasn't up to my noting requirements. More on that later, if I don't get locked into formatting tweaks.


Anonymous said...

A would say it has a much bigger issues then plain text formatting (which is fine for me). It is very basic and helps with email forms on free hosting accounts where php contact scripts are disabled.

What is a much bigger issue with Kontactr is inactivity period which is very short (like 7 days or something). Try to contact author on his own website - you can't because his account is inactive!

If no one contacts you in couple of days, your account gets inactive and even deleted after a month or so. What is the point then?

Also, script has issues with IE8 and possibly older browsers, so you have to put a direct link to your Kontactr page.

Contactify is an alternative, but also has IE8 issues and annoying Ads over the contact form's title (genious solution really).

David said...

I haven't had any trouble with the inactivity period - and I'm talking months of inactivity. I'll take a look at Contactify though. Thank you!