Monday, November 18, 2013

Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013

So I blow off NaNoWriMo, rededicate myself to my novel, and then Top Cow decides to hold a writing contest.

Really? Now?

Yes, I'm putting a script submission together. I've got a fun Irish Witchblade idea that should hold up for 22 pages and nothing much to lose.

No, I'm not stopping work on the novel. I've just finished putting my notes together for easy access and I'll be drafting a new outline soon.

In other news, I just managed to blow a deadline for the latest Writer's Digest short story competition, but I was planning to expand an existing short story for it and I'm not sure that would have been allowed anyway, so oh well. I've also got a few thoughts toward a new blog series on using a wiki to write (after futzing around with various implementations for waaay too long), so watch this space...

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