Thursday, March 12, 2015

Help, Dictation Is Hard

As part of an ongoing effort to free up more writing time and Get Things Done, I tried using Android's speech-to-text function today to get some writing done during my commute home. When you have a two hour commute, it seems a shame to waste it on podcasts when you could be writing.

This... is the result.

Ask return enter new line backslash
Physical storey apparel son of a woodcutter 02 is gable master Matix terrible monster and a boy Harold story begins in a log cabin in the woods forest cold there in the dead stop the woods for Harolds home is off penal colony for the dead a place where they are taken by the burning Kate to serve out ternity service 
Harold live with his father big car and his brother Magnus Magnus was well liked by the village it was considered a good man I really on them but he was unhappy because he wanted most in life was to go out it was forbidden by were burning king and his father big nor would not permit him to run off on though I'm staring and take over as wood cutter for the village Herald News can sometimes but most times and no it was not an outcast roster size it has little in the way of friends and there's an old woman standing there holding a little girl in her arms quickly the girls name was Carol the color rose then when I ask what you're talking about it
So, yeah! If anyone out there can recommend a good text-to-speech solution (Android, iOS or otherwise), please let me know in the comments.

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