Monday, December 6, 2010


Oh right, I said I'd be doing this three days a week, didn't I? Well okay then, if I must...

I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood lately, which has been horrible for my writing output (oh NaNoWriMo, you already seem so long ago), but great for my mental health. The story is a good enough continuation of the previous game, with some more asshole Borgias to dice up and Machiavelli himself being quite possibly sinister (I'm not sure yet and don't need spoilers, thank you so much).

The gameplay has improved, and when the servers are up multiplayer is a real treat - it's a streamlined version of the single-player game, in which you hunt down and kill rival assassins while trying to avoid being killed yourself. I definitely recommend the game to anybody who likes sandbox-style play, but maybe doesn't care for the Grand Theft Auto series.

And on to writing. Chuck Wendig has an, ahem, angry piece up about why you, yes you, suck as an editor. It's insightful stuff (certainly applies to me), and a must-read.

As for myself, I'm still getting my mind organized, and it's well past time I started getting it organized on paper. If I don't have anything in print or binary by the end of the week (hell, by tomorrow), I'm going to forget things. And that would be a shame, because I've got some pretty good ideas starting to flow. Time to abuse the Scrivener outliner tool, methinks.

Oh, and just a reminder for all the addicts: Tomorrow is a date which will live in infamy. Thank God I kicked the habit...

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