Monday, February 14, 2011

The Defatmentation Begins

340 / 1000 words. 34% done!

I don't know if that's my final word count for tonight, but it's what I've gotten to now, and I want to get this blog post up before midnight. On the bright side, I broke 1,000 words yesterday, so I was over my quota for the weekend.

I wrote those 340 words while I was walking on a treadmill at my office today. I did 30 minutes at a brisk walk, trying to keep my notepad steady while I scribbled some damn near illegible words down. And I think it worked for me! Once I got the trick of writing and walking down, I got onto a productive run for at least 25 minutes.

I got on the treadmill today because I need to exercise. I'm overweight: not morbidly obese, but fat enough that I'm uncomfortable with it. I run out of breath faster than I should, even taking my seasonal sinus troubles into account. My shirts are starting not to fit. It sucks.

Also, I'm supposed to see my doctor in April. I don't much care for my doctor. She's the kind of doctor who smiles a lot, but says things in a tone that makes me think she's thinking "Aww, does tubby feel bad? Do you not feel healthy there fattie?" So, not a pleasant experience. I suspect she's trying to shame me into losing weight, but all I really want to do is put off my appointment for as long as possible.

But even if I skip the appointment I'm going to keep feeling like crap until I drop weight. So I'm back on exercise, I'm not eating out as much, and I'm done with regular soda. Further action as required until I feel healthy again.

I'm also going to be keeping an eye out for new exercises I can try. @gymratbeth online is a good resource, written by a licensed personal trainer. Beth also happens to be a friend of mine, so I trust her not to recommend anything that's going to wind up with me in traction. Take a peek if you feel like adding to your exercise repertoire.

Okay then, back to writing. Or sleep. Sleep might be good...

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