Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick Writing Link Post

This SHINE online blog challenge requires two posts a week, and I really have no excuse not to manage that, despite the ministrations of Grandfather Nurgle. So, some links:

The latest gaggle of writing links from Sterling Editing. Really, you should be tracking these regardless of what I say. This week's links include some writing on distribution, the meaning of distribution, and what makes a great first paragraph.

How NOT to pitch a book. ProTip: The hospital is pretty much never appropriate.

Your very own Grant Morrison Guide to Writing. (If anyone finds a less tongue-in-cheek form of this in the wild, please let me know.)

Writing and the Mixed Blessing of a Day Job. I admit, not having to scramble to put something to paper to get my next meal is a solid reason to hang onto my day job.

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Kelley Eskridge said...

Thank you for the shoutout and the link! We're glad you find the roundups useful.