Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Links of Interest - The "Dave Is In Crunch Mode" Edition

Sorry for the lack of blogging. My day job has started to bleed into my nights for the past week, and looks set to continue the trend. This is not a pleasant development, but it happens and I can pretty much cope with it, it just cuts into my writing time something awful.

Anyway, there've been a lot of good articles these past few weeks on writing, so I encourage you to check out:

Combat Porn, by Erin M. Evans - A look at how to write a bloody good fight scene, or a good bloody fight scene, I can't remember which.

Lies Writers Tell, from Chuck Wendig, who is really good at these "On your knees maggots and give me twenty pages" articles. Or, more properly, wake-up calls for budding young authors.

Advice on Writing for Black Library, from The Literary Project. Black Library authors old and new give you some advice on how to sell something to the publisher. If you're going to shoot for their May submissions window (like me), this is a must read.

Hyperbole and a Half, because it's frigging awesome. I don't care that it's got nothing to do with writing, either. Oh, wait, it does, meet the Alot.

The Young Adult Mafia is Bullshit, so I could work a swear word into this post. Note that I've stopped reporting the titles accurately. So I guess there was a rumor that some young adult fiction authors were whacking the competition? I wouldn't know, so far I just have to answer to the one Don in England for my output.

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft as an eBook for either your iPad or your Kindle. You could even find a program to turn it into a PDF and print the damn thing. It's an entire library of weird eldritch horror, from one of the guys who founded weird, eldritch horror. Go download it and thank Ruth X for her hard work.

I think that covers the good stuff, certainly a good chunk of it. Tune in later, when I maybe stop aggregating links and start generating actual content again.

P.S. This headline is my publication credit for the month. I don't care that it's tiny, getting a Fark article greenlit is tricky and I'm going to take pride in having done it. So there.

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