Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks Ari!

This is about a week overdue now, but better late than never. Last year I entered a contest courtesy of Ari Marmell, author of The Conqueror's Shadow and The Warlord's Legacy, among other things. The Best of the Worst Contest involved sending Ari the name of my favorite villain from The Conqueror's Shadow... and, if I wanted to win the big big prize, a short description of why I chose said villain.

I went for the big big prize. I won. And I just got the first two parts of my prize (pictured above) in the mail. (The third part, The Goblin Corps, hasn't but published yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.)

Won books are the best kind of books.

Now I didn't win on merit: as far as I know, Ari drew the winners out of hat. But just for giggles, and because I enjoyed writing it (and because it doesn't spoil anything), here's my entry:

My favorite character? Seilloah.

Calling Seilloah a villain doesn't do her justice. She's not out to conquer the world - she's quite happy to keep herself to herself. She doesn't go around making pacts with the forces of darkness - hell, she's practically a druid, she's so in touch with nature. And she's kind to her friends, there's no question about that. Really, Seilloah's just a generally pleasant, attractive, intelligent woman.

Who eats people.

Call it a foible, or perhaps a matter of personal taste. It's not anything personal. We're all just animals, in the end, and Seilloah knows you taste good. Don't hold it against her. It's not like you're going to be alive during the meal. Although it would improve the flavor...

So there you have it. A huge thanks to Ari Marmell for the books, which will make my sacrifice for Lent a bit easier to bear. And if any of you like a good dark fantasy with a touch of humor, be sure to check out his work.

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