Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010, Day 17

23574 / 50000 words. 47% done!

Not a bad day, though I was pretty late getting started.

Some of you may have been following the Cook's Source scandal as it happened. I won't rehash it here (follow the link, and this one for the intellectual property wonk's take), but Cook's Source has posted an "apology" on their front page that is well worth reading. (I'm posting to the Google cached verison of the page, as Cook's Source itself appears to have gone belly-up.) It's a classic of the backhanded non-apology style of writing. No further comment; I think Cook's Source has been dumped on sufficiently by now, and I'm certainly not going to defend the damned fools.

And, just because: We are now only a few short years away from weaponized antimatter. So be sure to grab your crowbar and kiss your ass goodbye.

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