Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010, Day 5, or How a Day Off Gets Lost

6533 / 50000 words. 13% done!

Today was a solid day of writing: Almost 2,000 words in one go, which puts me above par for the day, but still leaves me well short of par for the month. Now, when I went to bed last night, I had every intention of spending all day writing to make up for what was a productive, but not productive enough, week so far.

That... did not happen. And I have excuses. Oh, do I have excuses. Don't we all?

"I slept in!"

"We had guests!"

"My wife felt like I was ignoring her!"

"The new Dark Eldar book came out today!"

"The Netflix made me watch them against my will!"

"My dog felt like I was ignoring her!"

"There's a new tweet on Twitter!"

All of which is to say that I did not have the willpower to get up, lock myself in a room by myself, and get words down on the page.

Well. I did, briefly. But the door doesn't lock properly and they found me.

One day or another I will do better this weekend. And, regardless, I'm feeling really good about what I'm writing. It needs revision (oh ye flaming Gods, does it need revision), but I'm at a fun bit and the words are starting to flow. So I'm going to try and keep the fun alive.

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