Friday, January 21, 2011

Links of Interest

I'm feeling lazy tonight, so instead of generating content I'm going to pass along some awesome stuff from other places. (Well, there will be some content.)

Smellovision is coming to a television near you. The new ScentScape device emits a set of 20 preset scents to accompany video games. Said scents can be programmed into video games using a Scent Editor. Now when you kill a guy in Halo, you can smell the blood! I don't know if blood is a scent.

A superintelligent blimp will be floating above Afghanistan starting this fall. Luckily the "Blue Devil" program will not be arming this latest iteration of SkyNet.

Optogeneticists have developed a means to manipulate minds using a combination of light and genetic engineering. So far the technique is limited to small organisms, such as worms and fruit flies. Henry Pym is preparing a patent lawsuit as we speak.

Soldiers are beta-testing voice translation smart phones. Yes, we will be seeing a universal translator at some point in our lifetimes.

Since this is supposed to be a writing blog... Chris Baty has eight tips for revising a novel. Or if you prefer short fiction, there's a competition open until February 14th you can enter.

Last but not least, Red Letter Media has a lengthy but hilarious review of Revenge of the Sith. I consider this a must-watch piece of web video.

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