Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Bit of Luck

Last night I got hit with a nasty case of TMJ. This is a condition where the joints in your jaw are chronically inflamed. Mostly it causes an achy jaw, but sometimes it can result in a nasty headache. Last night, in my case, it gave me a headache and a really nasty neckache. I ended up lying in bed for hours, twisting around and trying to get comfortable when it felt like I had a nest of cobras twisting around in my neck. In the end I didn't get to sleep until 3 in the morning. I'd already been coping with a cough over the weekend, so when I got up this morning (at 6a.m.), I decided I'd be better off calling in sick than trying to play Office Zombie.

Here's the good part (for me, at least). A water main broke near my office this morning and shut the whole place down for the day. So thanks to the worst headache and neckache I've had in my life, I managed to dodge a two-hour commute that would have been a complete fiasco. I didn't have to use sick leave, and I spent the downtime freeing my mom and sister's wireless connection from interloping freeloaders. Overall it was a pretty good day; one that easily could have been a lousy one, and was for a lot of people. Best wishes and safe home to all of them.

* * *

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