Friday, January 28, 2011

Plants vs Zombies - Making Money The Easy Way

Do you have a desire for great wealth? A shining golden house? A personal aquarium? A corn-on-the-cob rocket launcher?

Even as I write this blog, I am earning money to pay off Crazy Dave and get myself these fine accessories. How am I doing it? Well I'm here to tell you.

First of all, let's be clear that I'm talking about Plants vs. Zombies, a PopCap game that was originally released on the PC and then ported to the XBox 360. It's a excellent tower defense game for the casual gamer, where you try to keep zombies from eating your brains with a set of dangerous, possibly alien plants.

I've seen a few cheats that let you make massive amounts of money on the PC, but few for the XBox version of the game. Since some of the Achievements require tons of cash, I thought I'd share my method here.

Step 1: Beat Adventure Mode. You need access to the Zen Garden for this to work.
Step 2: Plant a square of 9 Marigolds in your garden. You'll need to grow these to full size. If you play through the puzzle mode levels, you shouldn't have any trouble getting enough money for this step, even if you spent all of your Adventure Mode loot.
Step 3: Tend to your plants until you've spritzed all nine of them with the Bug Spray. This will keep the plants happy for a full day. (You may have to use the Phonograph instead, but this can be expensive.)
Step 4: Place your cursor over top of the center Marigold in your square of nine.
Step 5: Walk away! The happy Marigolds will generate coins for a full day. Because of the way the XBox version of the cursor works, the coins will be sucked directly into your wallet.

There are many quicker ways to earn money, but few of them allow you to simply walk away from your console while your plants do the work for you. I've already racked up $3,000+ in a few hours today, without having to burn my whole afternoon playing the game.

If anyone has a better strategy for the XBox version, feel free to share in the comments! If I get a really good one, I'll post a picture of myself cosplaying as Crazy Dave. Grabble-abble!

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