Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August 24th to September 9th

Well so much for daily updates!

In all honesty my life at work and at home has been hectic, with high-priority projects and sick children to deal with. Also my two-year-old has learned about "DeeBeeDees" and won't stop demanding to watch Frozen or The Neverending Story on a daily basis. He can be distracted, but not for long.

By the way, remember when Disney published high-octane nightmare fuel for the kiddies? Yeah. Check out Lorenzo by Mike Gabriel on the latest Disney short DVD. Freaking Evil the Cat, man!

That ain't right.

...And now it's 11 at night and my son is asleep on my lap. He won't let me put him down. He wakes up and screams if I do. This has been going on for weeks and it's starting to hurt me. I don't know what to do so I'm blogging. Eventually I'll give up on my bed and sleep the best I can in a chair with him. And he wins again.

Is he scared? Is it a wet diaper? Is this normal? Does this shit stop?


Today I Wrote:

I did manage a few more pages of Gorgon porn, along with two (three? four? Oh wow, five!) more updates to my Vault log series, which you can check out on the shiny new Tales of Vault 867 page of this very blog. I have wrapped up the actual gameplay and I'm just working out how best to bring the series to a close (read: as ludicrously as possible).

Today I Played:

I've been gushing over Until Dawn recently on Twitter and it deserves every word of praise it gets. I may do a blog on it later, but TL;DR version: if you have access to a Playstation 4 and you have any interest in horror, writing, or both, this is the must-play game of the year. Do not look up anything about it until you've gotten through the game once. It's short and it is worth your time to do it blind once.

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