Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tales of Vault 867 - Part Nine

Well, whatever chemicals Scumbag slipped into the water supply appear to have afflicted the whole Vault, as the baby boom continues apace. At this point I'm seriously considering training them up to go out and forage for cans of Nuka Cola.

Groovy Gary and Dessicator Jones spent a solid ten hours chatting each other up. It... didn't go well.

Which was nothing compared to the recurring molerat problems. A breeding pair got into the water system and erupted to say "How do you do!" to Fat Tommy.

Rest in peace, Fat Tommy. Naturally I ordered some of our nearby Dwellers in to cull the nest, and...

Rest in peace, Richards brothers. I'm sure your girlfriend will remember you fondly for all of five seconds. (Note to self: work out who is manufacturing lingerie for the female Dwellers.)

No sightings of Captain Terry, but more and more Dwellers are going out into the Wasteland for undocumented excursions. I'm doubling work on the Shaft before this rebellion gets out of hand.

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