Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tales of Vault 867 - Part Eight

Just freaking spiffy. Captain Terry finally goes missing in the Wasteland, and rather than let him die two of my best people get up an unauthorized rescue mission.

What's going to happen if we get hit by Raiders, ladies? Because we're totally getting hit with Raiders right now.

To beef up security and prepare for Terry's inevitable assault, I've ordered a secondary Vault built at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Might as well get some use out of the damn thing before it breaches R'leyh.

Hilltop Hattie was out in the Wasteland with Terry and warned me about his seditious talk, so I've assigned her to head up the new Vault. I'm a bit light on people I can trust, so I initially assigned her to cover it solo.

Which would have been fine, except somebody let this asshole in.

(What the hell kind of camera glitch is that?)

This greaser immediately cozied up to Hattie and convinced her to let him open a bar in the new Vault. A bar. We don't even have alcohol beyond what the Gasmonger brews up from the radioactive sump in Corridor G!

Scumbag Owens immediately began chatting up some of the Vault Kids I'd detailed to help out Hattie.

With predictable results. Once again I'm forced to bemoan Vault-Tec's inability to provide prophylactics to our merry Dwellers.

Unfortunately Owens didn't stop there...

(At least one of the Vault Kids understands how STDs work.)

And then he kept going. Where did he find lingerie?

I'm going to have to seriously investigate whether Owens slipped some mind-control substances into the water supply. Or, maybe it's the jacket.

Nothing much else to report except for the usual outbreaks of vermin and random fires.

I'm... I'm pretty sure someone already said that.

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