Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6th, 2015

I'm going to try something new and post daily work updates here. If I wrote something, you'll get a word count, or at least how many pages I filled up in my Moleskine. If I read something good about writing, or something good in general, I'll post a link. If I blew my evening playing Dark Souls, I might admit to that here.

This is mostly for me, to encourage me to write more, and to keep track of what I manage to do and how I spend my time. But it might end up being worthwhile reading. (Also: Author's Log. Might as well live up to the title.)

Today I Wrote:

Three pages of gorgon porn, and one page of notes on a potential new magic system in my battered black notepad. The green hardcover notepad I got explicitly to write in remains lost in the Bermuda Triangle, along with the previous three pages of drafted gorgon porn.

Today I Read:

A bunch of older posts on Kameron Hurley's blog, which I've been archive trawling. (Technically I read these yesterday but they're worth linking to.) Highlights include:

The Future of Work is Here - and It Sucks - This one kind of inspired this post. Well this and a different Anaïs Nin quote (actually properly attributed to Chuck Noll, a Pittsburgh Steelers coach): "Good things happen to those who hustle." I feel the need to begin hustling in earnest.

All Together Now: Writing and Managing Anxiety

Writing Income Timeline: The Long Game

Is Becoming a Pro Writer Worth It? 

Also two reading lists: one from Felicia Day around the theme of being weird on the Internet, and one called How to Grown-Up: Books That Will Teach You To Be An Adult. (I think that's the one my wife pointed me at. It seems to be posted in a few places.)

Today I Watched:

Both GOP debates. Mother of God...

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