Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tales of Vault 867 - Part Three

I guess I should have known we'd have more raiders, but it couldn't have come at a worse time. Terry Davidson, now self-promoted to Captain Davidson, took our tactical nuke gun and went walkabout to the Wasteland for supplies.

As soon as he left, bam! Raiders.

We called him back, but by the time he got here the raiders were already dead.

So, naturally, the good Captain took the unexpected time off to romance Annihilatrix Lewis.

Which, because the engineering groups still haven't figured out how to fabricate condoms, led to this:

Which led to the sort of talk I can't tolerate, so I sent the Captain back outside for an extended tour. At which point we got raided again.

Our fearless crew fought them off eventually, of course, but Coffin Cat Clark and Gasmonger Henriquez were dead in the upper water processing plant for a week before anyone found them.

Doctor Dredd and Resurrector West did a bang-up job, but the two of them still seem unhappy for some reason, muttering about "the soul-sucking horror of beyond". I'm trying really hard to ignore that.

Hard work and some family time will sort them out just fine, I'm sure.

"Crazy" Jan ran out into the wilderness and got herself killed, with a pack full of valuable supplies. Against my better judgement I had the radio room recall Captain Terry and asked him to bring her corpse back on his way in.

Ah, yes, we have a radio room now. Annihilatrix Lewis insisted on setting one up, ostensibly to attract more Dwellers to our community. I don't have a problem with that, but one of the Vault kids has taken over its operation and keeps playing a goddamn Tommy Tutone record on a loop. Needless to say no one has come looking for our Vault since.

Despite Tutone our community has grown. Captain Terry made a friend out in the wastes and sent her back here. I don't know what kind of steroids she's been mainlining but she's stronger than Groovy Gary. Hopefully we proceed to whatever the appropriate depth is without further interruptions.

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