Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18th, 2015

Young son is back on antibiotics today over... something rough, anyway. Poor kid can't catch a break. I'm really hoping my daughter doesn't catch it. Or my wife. Or me.

Today I Wrote:

Meeting notes, mostly.

Today I Picked Up:

A copy of Chuck Wendig's new book Zer0es. It's either going to be a delightful thriller or a fine chance to laugh at another bad depiction of information security, but I'm going to go in giving Mr. Wendig the benefit of the doubt. I did the same for Alyssa Milano's Hacktivist and that worked out pretty well.

Today I Watched:

Two Scotsmen discussing the best ten weapons in Dark Souls 2.

I always enjoy listening to people talking stats, it's like listening to a conversation in a foreign language. Also I've got more reason to buff my Roaring Halberd now. Another old favorite of mine is the classic Onyxia wipe audio from World of Warcraft. Just try to parse this:

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