Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tales of Vault 867 - Part Six

Well, I was right about the half-rations, but I assumed it would be food and not water. Silly me! Some idiot threw a mole rat corpse into the water supply and now everyone is running around with mild radation poisoning. We are out of Rad-Aways and I've ordered everyone deemed non-essential to get busy with the filters and recycling systems.

Naturally then we got hit with the Raider attack I was expecting. Captain Terry was conveniently eight hours away from the Vault, but our Dwellers are armed to the teeth and cut the invaders down with little trouble.

New arrivals have been streaming in with disturbing regularity, and I've directed them to be trained for menial cafeteria labor rather than anything sensitive. I've also descended the main elevator shaft and constructed a secure backup power generator in the depths. There's nothing down there except roaches and mole rats, and I'm much more concerned about whatever is gunning for us on the surface.

Speaking of which, Captain Terry took a gang of our best workers up to the surface for an extended tour. I've marked all of them down for stricter surveillance and half rations when they return.

Oh wait Terry you bastard you left the door open!

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