Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tales of Vault 867 - Part Two

Well, that all went to shit very quickly.

Due diligence: here's the current status of Vault 867:

The Vault is equipped with sufficient dining halls, power generators and water processing stations to support a population of 20. It also has a functioning medical facility and science lab, storage space,  and even a radio station that Annihilatrix Lewis is running into the ground.  But I get ahead of myself.

We've reached the seventh depth stratum and found no evidence of Horrors, Nameless or otherwise. What we have found is that our goddamn Dwellers are a bunch of Stepford psychopaths. Also that every one of our building materials is highly flammable.

That's Krusher Thorne putting out yet another fire in the secondary power station. Everyone got together five days into the experiment and decided to choose apocalypse names. Which I could give two shits about, but now I have to try to write things like Dessicator Mitchell and Doctor Adreno and Gasmonger Henriquez into these reports with a straight face.

The worst is Groovy Gary, nee Richards, who still has that damn Beatles haircut.  However, he's current running our main power station single-handedly on a mix of steroids and adrenochrome, so I can't really complain.

I can report that we have had new blood entering the Vault.

Just not this guy.

Yes we got raided. Fortunately Terry, who declined to rename himself, got his hands on a portable nuke and took care of the problem. It's also been helpful in dealing with our Radroach problems.

Lately Terry's taken to leaving the Vault to play King of the Wasteland. As long as he keeps bringing back guns and armor that's fine by me. One of our Vault Kids, Richard Hill, has been tagging along sometimes.

Yes, we have Vault Kids! Here's one now!

I assume the radiation is responsible for the childhood hair loss. No idea how he got that big so quickly, though,or how he's now become an adult calling himself Critikal Jerry. Either I'm being put into a coma between entries or somebody in a neighboring Vault is dicking around with time distortions. Neither would surprise me at this point.

Anyway, most of our growth is coming from children, however that's possible. The fertility drugs we slipped into the water tanks are working wonders. Here's a happy couple just getting dressed following a one-night stand:

Anyway, life for our Dwellers is good, aside from the roaches and raiders  and constant fires. At this right we might actually get below sea level before everyone dies.

Of fire.

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