Monday, August 10, 2015

August 8th, 2015

Weekends are not prime writing time when you have kids. Especially two kids who don't nap at the same time. I do much better with office lunch breaks.

I will say that mowing the lawn is excellent time to think, though. You're surrounded by white noise and busy doing a mindless physical task, so the mind has time to wander into daydreams. Unfortunately today I was distracted by a rather large hornet's nest and a mailman who still doesn't have my certified package (which I don't want anyway because it's probably a damn summons). Excelsior!

Today I Wrote:

This bit of doggerel:

"Casual Grimm readers may think the deal the Little Mermaid made with the Sea Witch was unfair. True Grimm aficionados know that the reason the Little Mermaid fell in love with the surface world is that she'd spent decades watching boating honeymooners very closely. By the end of her first night on the surface  she'd gotten true love's  kiss and several more carnal ones, and after the Prince taught her her letters they spent their  lives in wedded bliss.

As for the Sea Witch, she glamoured herself to look like the Little Mermaid, and in the fullness of time inherited the throne from the Sea King and removed the old bans on sorcery that had gotten her banished in the first place. As a result the once-thriving sea kingdom has become a barren place, save for the desolate house where the dread thing they summoned lies sleeping."

Today I Read:

Nothing much.

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